Annual Meeting, Marbel Presbyterium


The annual meeting of the priests working in the Diocese of Marbel was held from 5-8 November 2012 at Holy Cross Spiritual Center, Calumpang, General Santos City.

Attendance: November 5 was a pre-meeting.  November 6: am – 62; pm – 58.  November 7: am – 57; pm – 58.  November 8: am – 50.



(1)   Decisions made during the Annual Meeting of the Presbyteirum will be immediately communicated by the Bishop through his “Communications from the Bishop”, newsletter.

(2)   All decisions will be compiled into a “Booklet” and regularly updated.  Fr. Joseph Benitez was tasked to implement this.  Decisions will be categorized with the dates of approval in parenthesis.

(3)   Household census by parish to identify the Catholic population.  Fr. Ramil Nerio was tasked to make the format of the Survey to be given to the GKKs.

(4)   Prayer for the Year of Faith and Primer on the Year of Faith, presented by Fr. Ramil Nerio were accepted without modification.

(5)   Focused Group Discussion presented by Fr. Nerio was approved.  Focus on faith: its meaning, obstacles, strategies.  Groups: GKKs, Catholic Schools, Religious Congregations, Recognized Organizations.  Details, separate number.

(6)   Theme and speakers for priests’ recollections.  Fr. Ramil Nerio was tasked to choose the themes and invite speakers.

(7)   Parishes are encouraged to have “backyard catechism” for the youth.

(8)   Sex education for youth to be designed by Fr. Bonifacio Ampoyas, Fr. Ricardo Pajarillo, Jr., Fr. Ramil Nerio, Fr. Joy Peliño, Fr. Romeo Catedral, Fr. Marito Vasquez, CP.

(9)   Pledges to the Diocesan Social Action Center shall be doubled, at least.

(10)        Additional references for Campus Ministry: Bible and Vatican II Documents.

(11)        Fiscal Year for Presybyterium meeting: October of current year to September, the following year.

(12)        Pastoral Visits of Bishop.  Reports needed by the Bishop during his conference in the morning: (a) Election Plan by SAC; and (b) Plan for Year of Faith, by the PPC.

(13)        Barrio 5, San Jose, Marbel will be canonically erected as parish on 30 December 2012,  Feast of Sagrada Familia (Holy Family), 4:00p.m.

(14)        Canonical erection of St. John Baptist Parish, Lake Sebu on 01 April 2012, 10:00am.

(15)        Parishes committed to purchase a vehicle for OLPH Seminary.  Pledges will be collected this December.

(16)        Pastoral Plan for Initial Proclamation of the Gospel.  Fr. Ramil Nerio (COCF) and Commission on Social Action and Commission on Worship and Liturgy. Persons responsible.

(17)        Seven parishes and six groups committed to handle a one-hour program on evangelization at DXCP.  1st, 3rd and 4th Saturdays, 10am – 11:00am.  Details next number.

(18)        Parishes are urged to support Marriage Enrichment Weekend Seminar (MEWS).

(19)        Stewardship of Creation program to be made by Fr. Joy Peliño.

(20)        Construction of seminar house costing P1.3M in Our Lady of Fatima Parish.  Date of completion: June 2013.

(21)        Renovation, ground floor, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Surallah, costing around P500,000.00.

(22)        Construction, Seminar House, Sto. Niño Parish, Sto. Niño, P1.3M.  Completion date: June 2013.

(23)        Improvement, Parish Office, ground floor, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Polomolok, P300,000.00.

(24)        Misa de Gallo masses to be broadcast from DXCP for fishermen in the high seas and farmers in distant places.


Focused Group Discussion


Questions: (a) What is faith? (b) Obstacles? (c) Strategies.

Focused Group Discussion is a grace – a moment of encounter with God-the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


  1. Participants      have understood correctly the meaning of faith. Q.1
  2. Participants      have identified the major obstacles to growth in faith. Q.2
  3. Participants      have proposed strategies to overcome such obstacles. Q.3

Procedures: FGD

1)      Bible Reading (reflection on faith)


a)      Mk. 10: 46-52 Bartimaeus

Jesus, Son of David – Faith as belief (truth) Messiah

I want to see – Faith as Truth in Jesus’ power.

Follow Him up the road – Faith as Obedience

b)      Deut. 6: 2-6 Shema, Israel

Truly one Lord – belief

Love – obedience

Hope/trust – land flowing with milk.

2)      Sharing on the questions: Q.1 first – when everybody has shared then Q.2 and Q.3.

3)      Collation/Summing/Approving

4)      Results sent to Parish Priest


1)      Before the FGD, parish priests call leaders of GKKs for orientation/instruction.

2)      Time-line:

(1) Parish Consultation (last week of November);

      (2) FGD – 1st week of December;

      (3) Collation of FGD – results in parish (2nd – 3rd week of December);

(4) Collation: Sarangani, MEDA, South Cotabato (3rd week of December);

      (5) Collated results sent to CFC (last week of December);

      (6) Strategic Planning – one day (2nd/3rd week of January);

      (7) Strategic Plans sent to parishes (4th week of January);

      (8) Parish Action Planning (February) One Year Action Plan.

Parishes And Groups For DXCP “Talakayan”, 10am. 1st, 3rd And 4th Saturdays. Bishop Handles 2nd Saturday.

Month Parish In-charge
December OLPGV Fr. Will Estraza, C.P.
January Lagao Fr. Rolly Japitana
February SMAP Fr. Rey Joloro
March Calumpang Fr. Rogie Castellano, C.P.
April Polomolok Fr. Ronilo Huesca
May Bula Fr. George Carin
June Alabel Fr. R. Pajarillo and CYM
July Catechists Christian Formation Center
August Liturgist Fr. Romeo Buenabra
September Social Action Social Action Center
October Dominican Fathers Fr. Joemar Sibug, OP
November Family and Life Ministry Christian Formation Center
December Couples for Christ c/o Jose Lucas



Cont…. Communication 693


Simple Guide for Prayerful Reflection (Prepared by Fr. Joy Peliño)


  1. 1.      Preliminaries:

            Prayerful Atmosphere for a Reflective Communal Focused Group Discussion

            Preparation of the Guide

            Identification of Facilitator and Secretary

            Identification of Members per FGD


  1. 2.      Sharing Proper
    1. a.       Awareness of the Presence of God

 (Brief Moment of Silence: Journey of Faith: from the perspective of Trust and Lived Experience)

  1. b.      Grace being asked for

(That which we desire: conscious effort in the presence of the Lord with the members of the group to             make sense of their journey of faith, reflecting on faith, obstacles and ways of addressing obstacles to             confession of faith).

  1. c.       Biblical Reading”
  2. d.      Points for Reflection:
    1. 1.      What is faith?
    2. 2.      What is/are Obstacles to faith?
    3. 3.      How to overcome this/these Obstacles?


  1. 3.      Input: Year of Faith based on the Primer


  1. 4.      Second round of sharing (appreciation of the Year of Faith – Words of Encouragement)
    1. 1.      To understand better the intent of this Year of Faith…the beginning of the Journey
    2. 2.      Ways of celebrating it, receiving it and transmitting it joyfully.


Our Father…

Closing Prayer

(To be done individually as an act of Surrender and Consecration to the Father, contemplating the presence of the Son and the challenges of Mission with the Holy Spirit)

Seminar For Sharers, Pasko Ng Pamilya 2012


General Theme: “The Filipino Christian Families: Educating Young People in Faith, Justice and Peace.”

Daily topics:

Dec.     16        –  Introduction

17        –  “True Education Takes Place in Family”

18        –  “Parents are First Educators of Faith, Justice and Peace”

19        –  “True Educational Institution Ensures Respect and Dignity of Each Person”

20        –  “True Political Leader Advocates a Transparent Politics as Genuine Service to the Common Good in Response to Christian Faith”

21        –  “Media Inform and Form the Mind of the Whole Person after the Heart and Mind of Jesus Christ”

22        –  “Education in Truth and Freedom”

23        –  “Educating Young People in Love and Justice”

24        –  “Being Aware of God’s Presence and Mary’s Intercession”

Batch I (Ilongo) AVA and KVA

Sacred Heart Chapel, GKK Bo. 1, Koronadal City, 13 October 2012.


KVA   :           Marbel –           10                    AVA   :           Sto. Niño –      10

Surallah –        9                                              Banga – 9

Tupi     –           14                                            T’boli – 3

Tantangan –    9                                              Norala – 9

Lake Sebu (candidate) – 9

TOTAL:  82

Batch 2: MEDA, GAMMA, MAKIMAMI, part of KVA (Cebuano).  Lagao Seminar Hall, Sts. Peter and Paul Parish.  20 October 2012

MEDA:           Lagao – 18                              MAKIMAMI:             Maasim – 7

OLPGV – 10                                                              Kiamba – 9

St. Michael – 6                                                            Maitum – 2

Calumpang – 10                      KVA:                          Polomolok – 9

Fatima – 10                                                                 JGSP – 9      

Bula – 9

GAMMA        Glan – 9                                                                      TOTAL:  142

Malapatan – 9

Malungon – 9

Alabel – 7

Over all total: 224

Before the thematic seminar Fr. Ramil Nerio gave an introduction to the general theme and sub-themes which is focused on faith.

People of faith wait for the Lord “more than those who watch for the morning” (Ps. 130:6).

As disciples of Christ we are “to look at the world in its truth and not be overwhelmed by tribulation.”  Rather, we must have an attitude of confident trust.

Context.  Roots of crisis are primarily cultural and anthropological.

Our response: Faith.  Heb. 11:1.  Porta Fidei n. 10.  Stand with the Lord to live with him.

We need to become (again) the People God wants us to be ( 1 Pt. 2: 9, Ex. 19:6).

To achieve this: we must have our lives rooted in the life-example of Jesus Christ.

Our main concern: Young people, they are the future (cf. Is. 42:9; 48:6). (TJR)

MEWS, Batch 2, Marbel


Twenty-four Couples (48 individuals) participated in MEWS – 2, Marbel, 20-21 October 2012, St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Koronadal City (Mary Mount School of Koronadal, Inc.).  Priests – Chapalains: Fr. Alan Catigday and Fr. Robert Feguro.


Unit leaders     :  Felipe and Jenie Mariveles

Asst. Leaders  :  Romy and Littah Carillo

Secretaries       :  Ric and Rohlie Manansala

Treasurer         :  Cres and Antonia Cuajotor (TJR)

Marriage Encounter Weekend Seminar (MEWS)


It renews the individual in relationship to one’s self, God, spouses, community, nature.

MEWS was conducted 6-7 October 2012, Blue Haven Resort, Brgy. Liwanay, Banga, South Cotabato.  Participants were Brgy. Officials and purok leaders: 8 couples, 16 individuals.

Officers, Batch 1, Parish level, Banga.

Unit leaders     :  Brgy. Capt. Jimmy and Claire Sancho

Asst. leaders    :  Rudy and Leonor Rondael

Secretaries       :  Leo and Charie Gulmatico

Treasurers        :  Pedro and Mary An Tumilop

Auditors          :  Jose and Belen Bolanio (TJR)

Proposition 48. The Christian Family


Established by the sacrament of matrimony, the Christian family as the domestic Church is the locus and first agent in the giving of life and love, the transmission of faith and the formation of the human person according to the values of the gospel.  In imitating Christ, the whole Church must dedicate herself to supporting families in the catechesis of children and youth…

Families occupy significant roles in new evangelization.  They must be supported by everyone in the Church.