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104th CBCP Plenary Assembly


Ninety-five (95) of 99 (96%) active members attended the 104th CBCP Assembly held on 28-30 January 2012 at Pope Pius XII Catholic Center, Paco, Manila.  Eleven (11) retired bishops were present.

(1)   Archbishop Giuseppe Pinto, Apostolic Nuncio to the Philippines delivered the opening address.  Two extraordinary events in 2012: (1) The Year of the Pontifical Mission Societies; and (2) The Year of Faith (11 October 2012 to 24 November 2013).  The year of Faith is associated with the XIII General Assembly of the Ordinary Synod of Bishops with theme “The New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith”.  It’s essential purpose: “new witness and new splendor”.

(2)   Archbishop Jose S. Palma, CBCP President, mentioned natural calamities, corruption, ecological devastation, poverty, impeachment.  Hope inspite of these adversities.

(3)   Synod delegates: Archbishop Villegas (Luzon); Archbishop Palma (Visayas) and Archbishop Valles (Mindanao).  Alternate is Archbishop Ledesma.

(4)   RH Bill 4244.  Bishop Gabriel Reyes, Chair, Episcopal Commission on Family and Life reported: (a) debates in various media all resulted in victory of the anti-RH Position.  Last debate between religious leaders aired in Channel 5 resulted to a 100% rejection of the RH Bill among the TV Studio Audience; (b) The Commission recommends to CBCP total rejection of the RH Bill.

(5)   Blessing of Holy Oils.  The Congregation for Divine Worship asked CBCP on 20 July 2011 to vote for the proposed English translation of the Ordo benedicendi Oleum Catechumenorum et Infirmorum et conficiendi Chrisma, 1971.  Once approved by the CBCP with 2/3 votes , the new English version will be sent to the Congregation for Divine Worship for the “recognitio” which will print it and distribute to the Bishops for the Holy Week 2012.  Results of voting: Yes – 72; No – 0; abstention – 2.  2/3 of 99 is 66.  Approved.

(6)   ECBA – Distribution of May They Be One (MTBO) bibles, January 2009 – January 6, 2012 (3 years).  533,858 copies.  Very far from 5 million bibles in 5 years (5-5).  Please encourage our people to buy bibles at the subsidized price of P50.00.  Also, please submit your Bible Sunday Collection to the Chancery.

(7)   Doctrine of the Faith (ECDF).  Chairman, Arch. Luis Antonio G. Tagle.  The CDF issued last Janaury 6 a “Note” containing recommendations for the implementation of the Motu Proprio “Porta Fidei” (Oct. 11, 2011) (a) call for a renewed evangelization at all levels (even to non-believers and the indifferent) guided by the main documents of Vatican II, The Catechism of the Catholic Church, and the teachings of the Pope (Note, 1-6 and 7); (b) use of new technologies for fast implementation of the “Porta Fidei”; (3) Suggested outline for a seminar:

Part I: Faith Grounded in Love (Eph. 3: 14-19).

Theme: “A Call to Conversion to Faith in the Lord Jesus (Porta Fidei, nos. 6, 11).

 A)  CFC (Foundations Part I/Compendium, CCC (Part I).

 B) Benedict XVI, “Deus Caritas Est”.

C) Paul VI, “The Credo of the People of God”.

Part II – Faith Anchored in Hope ( 2 Tim. 1: 11-14)

Theme: “A Call to Prayer and Unity Through the Holy Eucharist” (Porta Fidei, No. 9)

A)    CFC (Part 3)/ Compendium, CCC (Parts 2 & 4).

B)    Benedict XVI, “Spe Salvi”

C)    Benedict XVI, “Sacramentum Caritatis”.

Part III – Faith Working Through Love (Jas 2: 14-17)

A)    CFC (Part 2)/ Compendium, CCC (Part 3)

B)    Benedict XVI, “Caritas in Veritate”

C)    Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church.

Arch. Tagle mentioned sexual abuse of minors by priests: pastoral care of victim, safe place for minors, formation of priests, support of priests,  cooperation with civil society.

(8)   Ecumenical Affairs (ECEA)

According to the Canon Law Digest of the Philippine Catholic Church, Third edition 1995, the following Churches in the Philippines administer a valid baptism.

1)      Lutheran Church in the Philippines (LCP)

2)      Philippine Ecumenical Church (PEC)

3)      United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP)

4)      Iglesia Evangelica Metodista en las Islas Filipinas (IEMELIF)

5)      United Methodist Church in the Philippines (UMCP)

6)      Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches (CPBC)

7)      Presbyterian Church

8)      Seventh – Day Adventist Church

Regarding the various Aglipayan Groups, the same Canon Law Digest states: “The main group, the Philippine Independent Church (PIC) is juridically and officially the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI).  Its official Rite of Baptism is in itself valid.  However, the practical application of its official liturgy is not universally certain.  Hence, the need to examine individually.  Does it use the Triune formula?  Some do.  Others don’t.

(9)   Launching of “An Era of New Evangelization”, 2012 – 2021, on October 11, 2012 to coincide with the opening of the Year of Faith, October 11, 2012 to November 24, 2013.

(10)                       On Impeachment of Chief Justice Corona.  Motherhood statements: prayer, vigilance, learnings, search and triumph of truth and justice, speedy resolution.