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Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), Cloning, And Reproductive Health (RH)


Fr. Jerry Manlangit, OP, facilitated the priests’ recollection held in Holy Cross Spiritual Center, Calumpang, General Santos City on November 8-9, 2010.

Seventy (70) attended: 46 diocesan priests, 15 Passionist Fathers, 5 Dominicans, 2 Capuchins, 1 deacon and 1 theology student.

Three topics: Genetically Modified Organism (GMO), Cloning, and Reproductive Health (RH).

First Topic. GMO.

Genes are modified by the help of Bacillus Thuringensis (BT) which is mostly found in the soil.

Today GMO is applied to: corn, eggplant, salmon, cotton and canola. BT’s toxin kills insects. However, Monsanto technicians claim that it cannot kill humans. It may not kill human. But it is certainly harmful to humans, animals and the environment. It affects the life cycle of plants which cannot be planted again (GMO crops). Thus farmers will forever be dependent on the seed providers, like Monsanto Corporation.

Monsanto Corporation, USA was quoted: “Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible.” Assuring its safety is the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) job.

GMO touches on bioethical issues such as: privatization of life, atheistic tendencies, damage to human life.

Second Topic. Cloning.

Dolly, a sheep, was the first animal to be cloned. It was done in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Cloning is a scientific process of producing a genetic copy of an organism (as of now mammal), using a complete material of a regular somatic cell. The cell is the simplest and vital element/ingredient that is needed in the production of a clone .

The following are the steps in human cloning:
1. Isolate donor nucleus.
2. Get unfertilized egg.
3. Remove the egg’s nucleus.
4. Insert the donor nucleus.
5. Apply electric triggering mechanism.
6. Place the egg into the womb.

Reasons for human cloning:
1. Recover the loss of a loved one (Sentimentalism)
2. Provide an alternative in using one’s own cell to give birth to a baby like himself, rather than using donated sperm and egg in the case of infertility (Self-determination).
3. Improvement of human race (Eugenics).
4. Reproduction of one’s own traits (Megalomania).
5. Duplication of oneself using a cell from one’s own body for use of treating defective organs (Stem cell).
6. Technological imperative.
7. Curiosity (Scientific adventurism).
8. Economic gain (commercialism).
9. Scientific fame.

Dangers of Human Cloning
1. Physical danger.
2. Sociological and legal dangers.
3. Psychological dangers.

Implications to individual and society.
1. The identity and individuality of the cloned will become different.
2. Procreation and family life will be affected.
3. Human technology could have no control.

Ethical objections to Cloning
1. Nothing approximates the danger posed by human cloning. The gene pool is compromised. Expect physical deformities.
2. It is unethical to separate love in giving life.
3. Parenthood is compromised. The clone is a life gone berserk.

1. It is a crime to humanity itself.
2. A nuisance to humanity’s evolution and mystery.

Third Topic. Reproductive Health (RH)

It started with the idea of Thomas Malthus, a biologist and pastor: “Growth of food provisions is arithmetical, while growth in population is geometrical (exponential) in nature. Hence, control population growth.

He lived in the time when technology in food production and preservation has not yet been developed.

Later, Paul Erlich resurrected Malthus’ idea. Simon Kugnet challenged Erlich’s position. Margaret Sanger, however, was busy promoting her sexual revolutionary ideas.

Promoters of reproductive health claim:
1. Lack of food production; lack of space; lack of energy resources. So control growth.

The American Agenda. Kissinger avers:
1. Large population is not for the best interest of USA;
2. Large population will deplete the natural resources of the 3rd World Countries;
3. They could control the wealth.

Hewlett Packard, an IT Company and the Gates Foundation are the biggest donors of reproductive health services.

RH includes abortion. Pills and IUDs are abortifacients. Condom is contraceptive.

RH proponents’ assumptions: (1) larger population worsens poverty; (2) higher population density means lower personal income; (3) higher population growth leads to lower economic growth; (4) large population means more hungry and malnourished people; (5) Larger population means less funds for education; (6) Large families are poor families; (7) Our population will double in 29 years.

THERE IS NO CONNECTION BETWEEN POPULATION AND POVERTY. Many cities like Tokyo, New York, Taipei, Shanghai, New Delhi, Hongkong, Singapore are densely populated but they are rich, not poor.

RH promotes economic imperialism, dominance in global economy and global dictatorship by way of global patenting.

In the final analysis, the result would be:
1. MATERIALISM (god of mammon);

(Might is Right. No Democracy). (Notes by Fr. J. Morallon)