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Yes To Life: No To Coal Fired Power Plant (CFPP)


Bishop Dinualdo exhorted the faithful to defend life and the integrity of God’s creation by opposing the proposed CFPP in Kamanga, Maasim.  This is the substance of his homily during the Confirmation Mass at Holy Cross Parish, Maasim, on 20 July 2011.

CFPP emits gases and particulates harmful to human life and the environment.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a major contributor to global warming which causes flashfloods, heat waves, drought, etc.

Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) reacts with other chemicals and cause photochemical smog.

Acid rain occurs when nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide (SO2) react in the atmosphere with water, oxygen and other chemicals to form various acidic compounds: nitric acid, sulfuric acid, etc.  Acid rain damages infrastructures, lakes, rivers, forests and other organisms.

Lead causes brain damage, brain impairment, kidney damage and problems of behavior and learning.

Mercury is very toxic.  Exposure to mercury causes kidney and brain damage and ultimately death.

Particulates, such as coal fly ash, is harmful to health: increase in respiratory and cardiac mortality, irritates small airways in the lungs which can lead to increased problem with asthma, chronic bronchitis, airway obstruction.

Coal ash also contaminates water and air – water and air pollution.

Burning coal kills!

CFPP Near The Protected Area


CFPP is situated in sitio Tampuan, Brgy. Kamanga, Maasim, Sarangani.

It is close to Kamanga Marine Protected Area, established in 2006 through municipal ordinance 06-020.  It covers 140 hectares.  The Tinoto – Tamperan Reef is world renowned.  It is home to napoleon wrasse, dugong, hawksbill turtle and green turtle – all endangered species.  Other “residents” are eagle ray, unicornfish, trigger fish, jacks, barracudas, bumpheads, spadefish with pristine fans and corrals.

Pollution from the coal fired power plant will slowly kill these beautiful creatures.

 NO to “CONTRA – VIDA” (anti-life).  (Info from Internet)

Coal Fired Power Plant: A Joint Venture


Data from the Internet reveal:

CFPP is a joint venture by Alsons (Alcantara and Sons) – CONAL HOLDINGS (including Dominguezes): 60% and EGCO Group of Companies inThailand (Electricity Generating Public Co., Ltd. – British Virgin Is., Corp.) – 40%.  ARC – Alsons Consolidated Resources (ARC).

Capital: US $ 450M (about P20B).