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Parishes And Groups For DXCP “Talakayan”, 10am. 1st, 3rd And 4th Saturdays. Bishop Handles 2nd Saturday.

Month Parish In-charge
December OLPGV Fr. Will Estraza, C.P.
January Lagao Fr. Rolly Japitana
February SMAP Fr. Rey Joloro
March Calumpang Fr. Rogie Castellano, C.P.
April Polomolok Fr. Ronilo Huesca
May Bula Fr. George Carin
June Alabel Fr. R. Pajarillo and CYM
July Catechists Christian Formation Center
August Liturgist Fr. Romeo Buenabra
September Social Action Social Action Center
October Dominican Fathers Fr. Joemar Sibug, OP
November Family and Life Ministry Christian Formation Center
December Couples for Christ c/o Jose Lucas



Cont…. Communication 693


Simple Guide for Prayerful Reflection (Prepared by Fr. Joy Peliño)


  1. 1.      Preliminaries:

            Prayerful Atmosphere for a Reflective Communal Focused Group Discussion

            Preparation of the Guide

            Identification of Facilitator and Secretary

            Identification of Members per FGD


  1. 2.      Sharing Proper
    1. a.       Awareness of the Presence of God

 (Brief Moment of Silence: Journey of Faith: from the perspective of Trust and Lived Experience)

  1. b.      Grace being asked for

(That which we desire: conscious effort in the presence of the Lord with the members of the group to             make sense of their journey of faith, reflecting on faith, obstacles and ways of addressing obstacles to             confession of faith).

  1. c.       Biblical Reading”
  2. d.      Points for Reflection:
    1. 1.      What is faith?
    2. 2.      What is/are Obstacles to faith?
    3. 3.      How to overcome this/these Obstacles?


  1. 3.      Input: Year of Faith based on the Primer


  1. 4.      Second round of sharing (appreciation of the Year of Faith – Words of Encouragement)
    1. 1.      To understand better the intent of this Year of Faith…the beginning of the Journey
    2. 2.      Ways of celebrating it, receiving it and transmitting it joyfully.


Our Father…

Closing Prayer

(To be done individually as an act of Surrender and Consecration to the Father, contemplating the presence of the Son and the challenges of Mission with the Holy Spirit)