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Pedro Calungsod, 2nd Filipino Saint


Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed Pedro Calungsod and six other saints of the Catholic Church during a public consistory (assembly of Roman Catholic Cardinals) on 21 October at St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City.

The six other saints:

(1)         Blessed Giovanni Battista Piamarta.  Born Nov. 26, 1841, Brescia, Italy.  Founder: Congregation of the Holy Family of Nazareth (men), Congregation of the Humble Servants of the Lord (Women).  Died April 25, 1913.

(2)         Jacques Berthieu, Born November 27, 1838, Polminhac, Cantal, France.  Martyred June 8, 1896, Ambiatibe, Madagascar.

(3)         Maria del Carmen Salles Y Barangueras.  Born 09 April 1848, Vic, Barcelona, Spain.  Foundress, Conceptionist Missionary Sisters of Teaching.  Died 25 July 1911. Madrid, Spain.

(4)         Maria Anna (Marianne) Cope.  Born 23 January 1838, Heppenheim, Germany.  Migrated to New York.  Foundress, Religious Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis in Syracuse, New York.  Cared for lepers, including dying Fr. Damian, SS.CC.  Died August 09, 1918 (80 years old), Kalaupapa, Hawaii, United States.

(5)         Kateri Tekakwitha, American (Algonquin-Mohawk).  Born, 1656, Oosernenon, Iroquois Confederacy (Modern Auriesville, New York) Oppressed.  Had smallpox.  Died, April 17, 1680 (24 years old), Kahnawake (near Montreal), Quebec, Canada.  Smallpox scars disappeared.

(6)         Anna Schäffer, Mystic, Stigmatist.  Born: February 18, 1882, Mindelstetten, Bavaria, Germany.  February 4, 1901 she accidentally boiled her leg in the washing machine.  For 24 years she was bedridden, suffering so much.  She died October 5, 1925 (aged 43) of colon cancer.

(7)         Pedro Calungsod.  1654 – 1672, Bisaya.  Born around 1654.  Birthplace uncertain.  Catechist, singer, painter, actor, carpenter, altar server.

In 1668 he joined the Spanish Jesuit Missionaries led by Fr. Diego Luis de San Vitores in their mission to evangelize the natives of the Marianas Islands (Guam).

He taught catechism and assisted the priests in their ministry.

Sometime in 1672, Fr. San Vitores and Pedro Calungsod went to Tumon, Guam in search of a runaway companion, Esteban.  There they found out that Chief Matapang’s wife gave birth.  With the consent of the mother who was a Catholic, they baptized the child.  Matapang was furious, hurled spears at Pedro who was finally hit on the chest.  Pedro fell.  Hirao, Matapang’s friend, finished him off with a machete blow to the head, Fr. San Vitores was also killed.  Their bodies were thrown into the sea.  That was April 2, 1672.  Calungsod was believed to be 17 years old at that time.

The miracle performed through Blessed Pedro Calungsod’s intercession: the healing of a 49 year old businesswomen from Leyte who fell into a coma after heart surgery.  No more vital signs.  Doctor, a devotee of Blessed Pedro, prayed to Blessed Pedro to ask God to heal her.  Prayers were answered.  The woman had rapid recovery within 48 hours.  That was 2003.  Archdiocese of Cebu investigated.  Conclusion: genuine miracle.  Results sent to Rome.  Vatican recognized it.

Pope Benedict needed some young catechist to inspire the youth.  Pedro Calungsod was the solution: a teenage catechist fired with missionary zeal and willing to die for God.