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Deepening Our Relationship with the Lord


Fifty-five (55) priests (43 diocesan, 8 CP, 4 OP) attended the recollection held on December 13-14, 2010 at St. Francis of Assisi Retreat House, Baluan, General Santos City.

Fr. Honorato Castigador, OP, Rector, Colegio de San Juan in Calamba, Laguna, facilitated it.

Topic: “Deepening Our Relationship with the Lord”.

Two ways of deepening: (1) growing in holiness; and (2) always grateful to God.

1. Growing in holiness is a big challenge in a desacralized society. Distractions, modern technologies are obstacles unless properly managed.

Holy people are happy people. Christianity is a religion of joy.

St. Philip Neri, they say, is the happiest saint. St. Dominic is the second.

Wealth does not guarantee happiness. Japan, a wealthy nation, has many suicides.

Happiness is the result of holiness.

2. A grateful heart is a happy heart. St. Paul says “what do we have that we have not received?”

Our priesthood is a gift from God. For this we thank God. When we appreciate our priesthood, we appreciate everything that flows from it.

One of the thing that flows from our priesthood is celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom. Celibacy is a gift to be appreciated, treasured and zealously guarded.

Appreciating our priesthood is a continuing endeavor. Such appreciation is nourished by constant communication with the Lord. We are one with the Lord in prayer and holy communion.

Constant prayer and devout reception of the sacraments as well as relating with others, specially the needy, in love are creative powers to deepen our intimacy with God.