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Mid-Year Gathering


Forty-five (45) diocesan priests registered for the Mid-Year Gathering held at Water Gran Resort, GSC, on June 6-8, 2011.

This Mid-Year Gathering started on Jun 1-3, 1992 at our Lady of Perpetual Help Seminary.  Aims: (1) improved interpersonal relations; (2) stronger fraternal bonding; (3) rest and recreation.  Later on business meeting was added to tackle burning social issues and matters pertaining to diocesan priests only.

Two parts: a) formative; and b) business.



Facilitator was Fr. George Carin.  Focus was Golden Jubilee of the Diocese of Marbel from the perspective of the history of suffering.

Four points: (1) history of suffering; (2) interruptions; 93) dangerous memories; (4) solidarity.

Fr. George’s role was to set the tone for the small-group sharings afterwards.

(1) History of suffering.  Revisit the past personal and communal experiences.  Include the context: the Sufferings of the poor, victims of injustices.  Look at the past through the eyes of a compassionate God who “suffers” with His creation.

(2) Interruptions.  They are processes to help us “interrupt” the vicious cycle of consumerism, domination and being comfortable.  This Mid-Year is an interruption, according to Fr. George, of our dangerous memories.  Jesus’ coming was an interruption in a culture of violence and structural injustice.  The Victim has interrupted history!

(3) Dangerous memories.  They are interruptions that question our conscience.  Jesus’ dangerous memories inspired victims to hope.

(4) Solidarity.  Blessed John Paul II challenged everyone to engage in a common effort that involves sacrificing the position of wealth and power, towards the common good.

Most of the clergy in the Diocese of Marbel had sacrificed time, talent and treasure to help the poor, deprived and oppressed, liberate themselves from poverty and injustices and promote the integrity of God’s creation.

If this call for solidarity is lacking in our priestly commitment, it is because we succumbed to materialistic culture.


We reaffirm our common belief in the God of revelation, a compassionate God who suffers with those who suffer.  We recognize that dangerous memories of suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus have interrupted history.  In our solidarity with our suffering people let us be true servants of the poor.

Five guide questions for the small-group sharing are based on the 4 points plus images of hope.


1.  Priests’ Assignments.  Fr. Joy Peliño, Diocesan Director, Social Action.  Fr. Ricky Legario, Acting Parish Priest, Glan.  Fr. Herminio Hongayo, Jr., Chaplain, NDDU.  List of assignments of Parochial Vicars is in “Communications”, n. 617.

2.  Priests on Sabbatical Leave, July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012.  Fr. Sinon Alcarde.  Fr. Romeo Catedral, Fr. Jonathan Sarcon.

Priests on Sabbatical Leave, July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013: Fr. Ariel Destora; Fr. Robert Feguro; Fr. Elpidio Marintes, Jr; Fr. Ruben Ocino.

SSS and Philhealth contributions of priests on Sabbatical Leave are paid by the PWP.

3.  Elected Board Members of the Priests’ Welfare Program: (1) Fr. Joseph Benitez; (2) Fr. Joel Sunga; (3) Fr. Elpidio Marintes, Jr.; (4) Fr. Jefill Callego; (5) Fr. Ronald Plomillo.  They will elect their own officers.

4.  Membership in “Pag-ibig”.  Membership for priests is optional.

5.  Elected officers of the Sabbatical Leave Program were: President – Fr. Allan Catigday.  Secretary – Fr. Rodrigo Gegone.  Treasurer – Fr. Rey Joloro.

6.  PWP and Sabbatical Leave will be part of the Mid-Year Gathering agenda, not of the Annual Meeting of the Presbyterium.

7.  Golden Jubilee Culminating activities: Nov. 19 – Youth.  Nov. 20 – Indigenous Peoples (day).  Nov. 20 – (evening) – “Parangal”, South Cotabato Gym.  Nov. 21 – Closing Mass – Cathedral.

Histories of these parishes: Alabel, Malapatan and T’boli are not yet submitted.

Those who have served continuously in parish/parishes will be awarded plaques.

Mrs. Rose “Nene” Patigdas-Ranara is composing songs for the Jubilee Mass.

Sub-themes for the 9-day Novena masses in parishes will be taken from the readings of the day.

Prayer for Golden Jubilee to be recited in parish masses starting on June 12 – Pentecost Sunday.

Streamers in all parishes contain the logo of the Diocese and the logo of the Golden Jubilee.


Closing activities: June 19-21, 2011.

Youth will have camp and vigil on the 19th.

8.  Pledges for Jubilee celebration from 18 parishes, includingLakeSebu, total P545,000. We expect Tantangan, Bula, OLPGVP, Calumpang, Kiamba, Maasim and Milbuk to send to Fr. Bonifacio Ampoyas their financial support.  Malungon will spend for all the decorations.

Source: Notes of Fr. J. Morallon