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Sr. Veronica, CP Makes Perpetual Profession


Sr. Veronica Alagadan, CP, made her perpetual profession, 16 October 2012, Our Lady of Hope Monastery Chapel, Koronadal City, before Mother Superior Ma. Socorro de Leon, CP.

Presider and homilist, Bishop Dinualdo.  Hosea 2: 21-22.  God’s tender love for Israel.  Phil. 3: 8-14.  St. Paul’s hope to know Christ intimately, share Christ’s sufferings, and Paul’s desire for perfection through faith in Christ.  Jh. 15: 1-8.  Christ is the vine; we are the branches.  Detached from Christ we bear no fruit; united with him we bear abundant fruits.

Religious vows have prophetic/witness dimensions (1) Poverty – following the poor Christ.  Love of preference for the poor.  Against materialism. (2) Chastity – following Christ who is chaste against hedonism and sex devoid of love and commitment. (3) Obedience – following Christ who was obedient till death on the cross.  Against relativism which does not recognize morally good and morally bad actions; only politically correct.

Twenty priests, Passionist and Diocesan, concelebrated.  Around 220 attended.

Sr. Veronica was born April 4, 1973, Lamian, Surallah.  Parents Ernesto and Adelfa.  May 23, 2003, entered CP Monastery.  Temporary profession, November 20, 2006.  Prayers.  Congratulations.