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Signature Campaign To Maintain Ban On Open Pit Mining


The KIDMADICO Resolution aforecited is supported by 29,506.  These signatures were sent to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan for their guidance.

Marbel – 7,879.  Polomolok – 6,024.  Surallah – 5,607.  Tampakan – 3,249.  Norala – 1,943.  Tantangan – 1,683.  Banga – 1,320.  Lake sebu – 819.  T’boli – 675.  GKK Assembly – 307.  Total – 29,506.

Updates: Signature Campaign


As of 13 October 2011, 106,047 signatures were gathered asking President Benigno S.C. Aquino, III to protect the watershed at Tampakan by prohibiting mining operations.

Breakdown: Kidapawan – 9,293; Digos – 38,766; and Marbel – 57,988.

Breakdown, Marbel 57,988: Marbel – 10,365.  Lagao – 5,970.  Surallah – 5,020.  Calumpang – 4,589.  Glan – 3,402.  Cannery – 3,193.  Polomolok – 2, 678.  Fatima – 2,581.  Tampakan – 2,126.  Banga – 2,109.  Tantangan – 2, 073.  Bula – 2,068.  Alabel – 1,846.  Maasim – 1,274.  T’boli – 1,129.  Tupi – 898.  Maitum – 821.  Kiamba – 616.  Non-parishes:  Catholic Mission to the Indigenous People (Passionist) – 2,512.  Healing, Fr. Suarez, NDMU – 1,347.  Campus Ministry-NDMU – 1,013.  Chancery – 358.

We request the following parishes to campaign for signatures, which campaign is educational:  Dadiangas, Malapatan, Malungon, Norala, St. Michael Archangel, Sto. Niño and Lake Sebu (future parish).

KIDMADI Meetings


Fifteen representatives from Kidapawan, Marbel and Digos met on 14 October 2011 at Marbel Bishop’s Residence.

Total signatures gathered against open pit mining: 106,047.  Marbel – 57,988.  Digos – 38,766.  Kidapawan – 9,293.  These will be presented to President Aquino when two bishops and some representatives will meet with the President.

The 15 members present agreed to petition President Aquino to declare protected areas these mountain ranges: Roxas which separates Allah Valley and Koronadal Valley; Daguma which separates Allah Valley from Sarangani and contains Lakes Sebu, Lahit and Siloton as well as Mt. Parker; and Quezon where Mt. Matutum is located.

KIDMACO Opposes Proposed Open Pit Mining


The Dioceses of Kidapawan, Marbel and Digos came out with a statement strongly opposing the proposed open pit mining of Sagittarius Mines, Inc.  It will be published after the three bishops have signed the cover letter addressed to President Benigno Simeon Aquino III copies furnished the CBCP, DENR, EMB, MGB, ECIP, NCIP, CHR, LGUs, Media, Congress, etc.

This was clarified during the KIDMADI’s meeting, June 30, 2011, Bishop’s residence, City of Koronadal.  Attendance: 21.

Around 100,000 signatures will be affixed to the Statement.  These signatures will be sent to the Marbel Diocesan Social Action Center for transmission to Pres. Aquino et al. on or before July 29, 2011.

Ms. Belen G. Amdio, PSAC/JP/PPC Pres., Tampakan parish gave an overview of the draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on SMI.

  1. Project Fact Sheet, Tampakan Copper Gold Mine Project.  Proposed area: approximately 9,605 has in Brgys. Kimblawis, Bololsalo and Tacub in Kiblawan,DavaoSur; Brgy. Datal Biao, Colombio, Sultan Kudarat; Brgys Malabod and Bilaan, MAlungon, Sarangani; and Brgys. Danlag,PulaBato, Tablu, Tampakan,South Cotabato.
  1. Draft

Mining and Processing

  • Mining, up to 160 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa).  Twenty years.
  • Processing – capacity of up to 66Mtpa.

1st stage.  500 has. to be mined through open pit.  Dimension: 3 kms long x 2.5 kms. wide x .8 km (800 meters) deep.  Mine sites: Brgys. Danlag,Pula Bato and Tablu, Tampakan.  Resettlement areas: Gumamela (Pula Bato), Maltana,Liberty and Isting (Lampitak).

Ore processing.  Conventional crushing and flotation methods.  Average: 375,000 tonnes per annum of copper and 360,000 ounces of gold per annum.

Waste Management

  • Tailing Storage Facility (TSF).  1.1B tonnes capacity, 250 meters deep, 2.1 kms. long; 1,000 has. surface area.  Located 10kms east of open pit within thevalley of MalRiver, Malungon.
  • Waste Rock Storage Facility (WRSF).  Capacity: 1.35Bt – 500has.  Some 50Mt of high Potential Acid Forming (PAF) waste rocks in the open pit.  Located in Tablu, Tampakan.

Water Management

Two kinds: Tailing Storage Facility (TSF) and Fresh Water dam (FWD) systems.  TSF – main source of water supply for project.  FWD – main source of fresh water supply (215,000 metric liters, 150 meters high, 800 meters deep, 500 has. surface area).  Malungon.

Mine Site.

Of the 9,605 has. 74% is ancestral land; 19%, forest land, 7% alienable.  Forested area: 36%, woodlands – 50%; croplands – 10% built-up (buildings) – 4%.

Environmentally critical areas! Ancestral domain.  Wildlife habitat.

Very high biodiversity:

a)      Flora: 1087 morpho-species, including 247 species endemic toPhilippines(30% and 52 (6%) endemic toMindanao.

b)      Fauna:  309 species: birds (184), mammals (49), reptiles (47), amphibians (29), most are endemic.

Other constructions: concentrator in Kiblawan.  Conveyors from mining sites to Malalog port.  Sediment dams in Kiblawan.  Explosives Storage facility in Tampakan.  TSF water Treatment Plant.  Motopool.  Permanent employees buildings.  Warehouses – Village Administration Pipeline System (60 kms, 12” diameter, buried 1 meter deep,  11 meters easement).  Power transmission System (230 KV at Malalag).  Coal Fired Power Plant, Filter Plant,SeaPortinDavaoSur).

Tremendous damage to environment! Serious threat to food security and human life.  Violent incidents.